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Information about oil production in Azerbaijan was repeatedly mentioned in the works of scientists and travelers of the early middle ages, where it was reported a large income according to the unusual product. However, at that time oil was used only as household fuel and for medical and military purposes. The industrial revolution that took place in XVIII-XIX centuries has dramatically increased the demand for oil and turned it into a major strategic product for the country’s development. So-called Oil Boom started in the World. Baku has an ancient oil producing tradition has turned into an arena of the invention and initial application of the newest technologies in the field of drilling, oil production, and refining. With the cancellation of the repurchased system, Baku turned into a center for the inflow of foreign capital. In 1879 the Nobel brothers founded a joint-stock company “Association of brothers Nobel” in capital Baku, which soon became one of the largest oil companies in the world.
The tour will introduce the guests of our capital and life in Baku during the first oil boom.

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